Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eco-Friendly & Stylish, Just for DAD!

For this upcoming Father's Day I designed a really cool card. This simply stated card "DAD" is very eco-friendly printed on kraft paper in pigment black ink. Included is also a hand-lined kraft envelope by yours truly with dad and father sentiments in teal. A sweet card to give dad...check my Etsy shop for more purchase details!


The website is undergoing a "NEW" and "FRESH" look!!! Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day all!

Here 's a picture of my Mother's Day Gift from my Journey...
Rock Princess by Vera Wang!

I hope and wish all the Moms a lovely day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My super Mother's Day suggestions...

Mother's Day will be hear in another week .... See my suggestions!
The diamond mother/child pendant necklace by Jared for $599.99. I love this necklace, this will be my 2nd Mother's Day to a little tot named Journey. She brightens my day everyday, so everyday is Mother's Day to me!

If the diamond pendant necklace is a little pricey for you Jared offers other mother/childen pendants at more moderate prices and still offers that special style...check out this one for $94.99.

Now I'm no "REAL CHEF" in the kitchen but I do know how to make a couple of good dishes and I experiment alot. The most enjoying thing about cooking is cooking with natural raw herbs and like everyone else I keep my spices in a kitchen cabinet. The magnetic kitchen spice rack by Purposedesign (an Etsy seller) is a super idea for any organized mom who loves to cook. This spice rack comes with the 7 test tubes and 7 really good spices....such a deal for $45.00
Lastly, I love everything paper especially good stationary and if you have a mom that likes to jot down notes or just love everything paper also than DingbatPress (an etsy seller) is whom you would love to purchase stationary from. This shop offers all sorts of letterpress paper goods at reasonable prices without taking away from good quality paper designs. Below is my most loved favorite for $14.00