Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy Anniversary

Yes, me and Mr. ExQuisite made 2 years today! Still laughing, still holding hands and still loving...

Here's to the memories of our "Special Day"!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Candice & DeQuann 4.3.2010

A day so sweet! My brother in law is now married and of course, ExQuisite InVitation had part in the event. The theme was close to my heart "BUTTERFLIES"! The mood- Enchantment....I wish them both the best.

The invitation was placed into a jet pouchette. The color palette was black, white and sangria. The invitation wording was on white stock with ornate corners and a double butterfly motif was placed on the invitation with five smaller flutterbugs to represent their children. And I just can't forget the rhinestones.

The outer was tied with sheer/satin ribbon with a tag printed with the guest name...a complete present.
Yes, she wanted the LOVE favor magnets too! This has got to be my most popular item this year so far. 1,100 and still counting.
All of the tables were named in relations to enchanting fairytales places or stories such as: neverland and fantasia... all set in black frames.

Chonte....Where have you been?

I know I's that time again. WEDDING SEASON! And I'm being pulled all across the Universe, but in a good way.

Lots of treats to come, hope everyone's year is going swell.