Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little Sumthin' Sumthin' for the Fella's!

This one is truly for the Gents and little gents...Why can't they be formally asked like the Ladies to also participant in your "GRAND AFFAIR"?

This card is unique! To mimic a tuxedo style shirt with a satin black ribbon made into a bow tie, I'm sure any guy would smile. This card is fully customizable...just visit my Etsy Shop!

The ringbearer's tin invitation is a splitting image to the Groomsmen card and comes with fun glitter and confetti for the little tot!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Bee Shower for a Mom-2-Bee!

Shelana via Etsy had gotten in touch with me because she was interested in my "BEE InVitation". Well, on Etsy this InVitation looks totally different then what's below because its shown as a wedding invitation, but Shelana needed it for a baby shower...and the transformation begins!

This is a 5x7 invitation that's nestled into a black metallic carry on the Mom-2-bee theme the invitations were embellished with satin polka-dot pencil ribbon and a sterling bee charm. Matching Thank You cards were also in order.

Thank you Shelana!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flowergirl Tin turned to Welcoming Baby!

I was contacted by Beatriz through my Etsy shop. Beatriz was so excited about my flowergirl tin invitation so much for her flowergirl she just had to have it for her...but here's the kicker! The baby isn't here yet! That's right.

Babygirl Levis' is not due for 1 1/2 more months, so to make the invite even more special Beatriz will be presenting this cute invitation to her good friend at the baby shower! How sweet is that? Beatriz plans to marry in 2011 so the baby will be old enough then.

As a mom of a precious daughter myself, if I were to have been presented with this at my baby shower I would have felt so honored. Thank you Beatriz.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Debra's Personalized M&M Favors

A dear friend of mine Debra, recently got married (late blog post) and asked me to do her favors. A while ago I blogged about M&M's that can now incorporate photo's on their bite sized candies.

Debra's colors were purple, silver and white. I purchased some clear boxes, white shredded paper and 2 teaspoons of M&M's were placed in each! Added a silver metallic bow and a monogrammed tag, from sticker paper! They were sweet!

Congratulations to Debra and Charles 8.14.09

Friday, August 14, 2009

ExQuisiteInVitation featured on Inventing Weddings

ExQuisiteInVitation has been featured twice on a Wedding blog called Inventing Weddings. This sweet blog is all wedding all handmade featuring great designers, artists, and crafters of Etsy. Below are two inspiration boards that featured my invitations.

A chewy starburst blend: The Bee InVitation, that's me!

I've got the golden ticket: The Gold and Cream InVitation on top, that's me again!

Thank you Inventing Weddings

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


About 2mos. ago Lynn Cardwell was the Featured Seller on Etsy and I was fully pulled in by her craft of pottery so much that I just had to have a personalized bowl done for my daughter, Journey. It took about a month before I rec'd the bowl, but I must say, "WAS GORGEOUS" once I got it. I just found out she also does mugs...I'm thinking a cute set for my husband and myself would be a nice treat!
Check out Lynn Cardwell for other pottery goodies and my
FAB-U-LOUS bowl.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On the FRONT PAGE of Etsy!

My L-O-V-E Favor Magnets made it to the infamous "Front Page" of Etsy...Hooray!

Janine's Baby Shower

So this weekend I surprise family members including a dear cousin to me, Janine. I mentioned Janine in a prior post because her mom contacted me regarding the shower invitations and also favors. Boy! will I tell you.... she was quite surprised...This baby shower was one that will go down in the books with me, it was like baby girl heaven with bubbles floating around everywhere. I was so happy to be there and help celebrate in the joy of the baby she is about to have (a girl!) Congratulations Janine & Dy.

Janine and I

Favor Mints

The cutest baby shower rocking chair... Janine opened her gifts in this seat!

The parents to be engulfed in opening many gifts.