Saturday, February 28, 2009

Put your face on your Favorite!

M&M candies have done or should I say been doing "BIG" things. I remember my sister's sweet 16 and how I wrapped up some M&M's that had her birthday date on them as her favors at the party....Seems as though special dates now-in-days just aren't enough! Put cha' face on it!!!

If your the type that doesn't mind having someone chew your head off, this just might be the cutest thing for you to give out at your next function...Kudos to M&M's.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New ExQuisite

LaVender Crystal

Cherry Blossom

The Bachelorette

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love my clients

Tiffany & Nick's photographer is quick!!! She sent me some of her professional pics...YEAH! I love when my clients think about me and send me some of their memories for years to come. All photography done by Ron Fredericks Studios.

Thanks for sharing Tiffany & Nick!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tiffany & Nicholas....Are Married!

Yesterday was one of the greatest days EVER!!! Next to my wedding day, Tiffany & Nicholas celebrated their own day and ExQuisite InVitation was front and center. As any wedding planner knows, planning the perfect wedding take patience, organization and most important ENDURANCE!!!! (Today my legs are killing me, but it was all worth it) I had so much fun helping these two wonderful people plan their nuptials. Tiffany and Nick were married at Casa Feliz Historic Museum in Winter Park, FL. a characteristic location filled with lush greenery and beautiful archways. Their ceremony took place in the courtyard and the reception took place at the locations open bricked terrace. The night was beautiful and trails were lighted with luminaries. I wish them both a marriage filled with love, respect, and of coarse lots of babies.

(All stationary, flowers and coordination provided by ExQuisiteInVitation)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Matchbox Favor Frenzy

A couple of months ago I became infatuated with matchboxes and scrapbooking papers. If you put the two together this is what you get.

and so many people have been requesting the damask matchbooks at my Etsy shop...I do them in various colors also, the most favorite is the tiffany blue (go figures)!

A new twist on InVitations

You may call it Textiles...but I call it Texstyle! The secret to getting the most stylish invitations is keep it simple, basic and add one bold twist by embellishing them with what?????? FABRIC! A client came to me wanting a invitation for her mom's bridal shower. Her mom is a mature bride and the bridal shower's theme is Vintage Beauty...This is what ExQuisite InVitation designed, using the rules: simple, basic and with a bold twist...Vintage Lace Fabric. (The first pic shows the front and the lacey backing)...I'm loving em'

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A good saving tip!

Ok, so when I was planning my wedding the one thing which you would probably think is important wasn't quite so to me. The wedding toasting flutes!!!!! I remember going into Macy's and falling in love with these wine glasses that have swavorski crystal stems and were priced way over $100...Yikes right? We'll I didn't get them and just comprimised on making my own wine glasses with a similar taste. I ordered a pair of toasting flutes from which came with our names and wedding date etched on them for around $9.99 and glued swavorski stones all over for the glasses which I thought looked great and was wayyyyyy less then those Macy flutes.

I just experimented again on another bride's toasting flutes whom didn't want to spend anything on them and came up with this great idea....RUB ON'S!!!!! Yes, she is a damask bride and I found some damask rub on's. She is using a pair of her own flutes and the rub on's just cost $1.99! Check em' out. (You can find rub on's at at Walmart, Target and all craft stores).