Sunday, November 22, 2009

Would you play at my wedding?

Lauren got in touch with me because as she put it, "Is so in LOVE" with my flowergirl tin invitations. In love so much she wanted one for her flowergirl and a special one also made for her ringbearer... why not? the little tots needed to be appreciated too, right!

In addition to having the little ones participate in such an event, Lauren also needed a way to ask a cousin who plays the violin to also be apart of her wedding day. Lauren was very open to any design.
Sarah is a 19 year old, artsy kind of gal so in an elegant way using chocolate, cream and pink... This was my vision.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 Sisters as Matron of Honors

A customer named Crystal, got in touch with me about a week ago and wanted to order the "Will you be my Matron of Honor" cards from my Etsy shop which she loved.

I don't usually post all my items on my blog because there are so many in which I adore, but I needed to post these two. Crystal's two sisters are unique in their own way as stated by Crystal, "Adele is more traditional, we call her Emily Post" while "Kellye is the more down to earth" sister.

Crystal needed 2 cards that catered to her sisters: This is what ExQuisiteInVitation produced!

Mount Dora Arts & Craft Fair

I had the opportunity of attending the Mount Dora Arts & Craft Fair about 2 weeks ago and needed to post this on my blog because I was so excited to be there. I first heard about this fair 2 years ago when a moved to Florida. It's been said, "It's the largest in the state"...with way over 100 vendors and more than 300,000 in attendance ...with showing dates on both Saturday and Sunday. Upon arrival the town had specialized parking that enabled guests to take a bus to the events, which I thought was way cool and quaint! I walked with my daughter as we seen a blissful of handmade goodies such as hair bows, leather bound books, potpourri, soy candles, home decor, key chains ...and so much more. I enjoyed myself and can't wait to attend again next year, maybe I'll vend because there were hardly any paper goods ;).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mexico+Baby Shower=?

Yes, Mexico+Baby Shower=?...A friend of mine's wife recently got in touch with me in order to design some baby shower invitations for her sister in-law. The sister in-law was married in Mexico, was having the baby shower (she's having a girl) at a Mexican Restaurant, and again wanted to tie all this Mexican talk into a baby shower for a girl. Now when I think of baby girls, I think of pinks, plums even yellow. On the other hand, Mexico is more primary-red, green, blue....etc. So how do you mix the two....see the outcome!
Sweet pinata's with falling little candies and apoxy circles for texture!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Have you ever....

Seen anything so magical? This past weekend as I was driving into my garage a glimpse of color distracted me and to my surprise...A RAINBOW!!! and it was a full one, from one end to the next. I was so excited to see this (I'm originally from NJ, where the pollution is soooo heavy) but in Florida- it's nothing but open fields.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Amber & Zaq: July 2009

Another long overdue post.

Amber blogged about my damask matchbook mints on her blog zrust! Earlier this year she expressed how her and rad hubby Zaq were planning their intimate wedding at home and again the infamous damask was there theme including the colors of red, black, and white. I was able to make her matchbook mints to coordinate with her colors, half in black and white and the other in red and black...She loved em'

Post-wedding, Amber was so siked about her Photographer's ale, and I have to tell you the photo's were phoenomial! You can check out Amber & Zaq's fabulous punk nuptials here, which even included Zaq's serenading Amber with his guitar...So SWEET!

Below is her awesome color coordinated candy buffet (see damask mints-top left). If your getting married in the Minneapolis area, be sure to check these talented two photographers!

Jennefer & James: 10.9.09

This is a post "over due"...I know!
Jennefer contacted me through my Esty shop because she was having a butterfly theme wedding and in her words, "kept coming back to the shop because she loved this butterfly designed invitation". Such a pleasure to work with, Jenn and I could stay on the phone for 1-3 hrs. talking it up.
Her colors included plume, which is a HOT 2009 wedding color. Jennefer's cake was also decorated with shades of purple butterflies.
To bring texture to the invitation it was fully wrapped with a screen printed paper full of plume butterflys and tied together with a lavender satin ribbon.

The butterfly motif was also placed on her placecards and the screen printed paper was also used for them and the table markers.
Congratulations Jennefer & James, already into 1 month of married....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm such a S-L-A-C-K-E-R...

I checked in on my blog and noticed...its been "1 WHOLE MONTH" since a post? Whoa! I've been busy with projects and outings to craft many pictures to post. Stay tuned :)

Happy Halloween Blogspot!

I hope all, especially those with little ghost and goblins-have a spectacular day!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

On the FRONT PAGE of Etsy!

It happend again...This time my ExQuisite InVitation named after who else? ExQuisite InVitation!

Above is the screen print version of Front Page Treasury made by decoratethediva...Thank you!

A Mother's LOVE....

An Etsy customer by the name of Larissa was searching Etsy for some SAVE THE DATES when she came upon my shop and was stopped by my Flowergirl InVitation Tins. According to Larissa, these made her cry because she will soon ask a little girl by the name of Sierra whom is her soon to be husbands daughter to be her flowergirl. I can just imagine the emotions Larissa will be feeling when she pop's the question...She will be gaining a DAUGHTER!!!! ( I love little girls)

Thank you Larissa, Sierra is going to love her gift from you in her favorite colors of blue and green.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rub a Dub in the Tub Baby Shower InVite!

I'm loving this InVitation!!!!

If you don't want to overwhelm the shower with rubber duckies....bubbles are an alternative. I created this baby shower invitation with floating bubbles. There are flat printed bubbles and epoxy bubbles also, to get that raised 3-D look.

This invitation is in my Etsy shop and is also available for baby girls in the colors of pink and purple.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Posh Petals.

Save-the-date with Posh Petals!

This is a flower form from my own pattern of petals. You can let guest know to Save the Date to your wedding by adding all your invitation information onto the individual petals.

The Posh Petal save the date comes with your choice of 5-6 petals and 1 green leaf! Customized to your liking... Posh Petals are located within my Etsy shop.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank You...Dear Krista!

Krista contacted me earlier this year (June) to make favor fans for a friend's bridal shower who's getting married next year in Mexico.

Today she contacted me again to say, "Chonte!!!!!Your FANS were a HUGE HIT!!!!!! Thanks so much for your hard work". Krista was even nice enough to send me some pic's of how the fans were displayed at the shower.

But, I do have something say too! Thank you...Dear Krista! It was a pleasure.

Flowergirls and Ringbearer Green InVite Tins...

An etsy customer by the name of Katie got in touch with me to custom make her flowergirl and ringbearer invitation tins...she said, "There precious". Her request was to use her wedding colors of ivories and white, green (true leaves or grass), and a little bit of black!


Hope you love em' Katie and I hope Carolyn, Lily and Brennan think they are AWESOME!

Red Cherry Blossoms

Chiyogami is a type of Japanese paper decorated with brightly colored, woodblock-printed patterns. With this said, I designed a chiyogami beauty with red cherry blossoms.

Red, black and white has always been a bold and elegant grouping of colors I just needed to use them all and presented them in a pouchette invitation. With a coordinating RSVP card, embellished with a red blossom chiyogami folded into a cumberbund band. This invitation suite is available within my Etsy shop!

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little Sumthin' Sumthin' for the Fella's!

This one is truly for the Gents and little gents...Why can't they be formally asked like the Ladies to also participant in your "GRAND AFFAIR"?

This card is unique! To mimic a tuxedo style shirt with a satin black ribbon made into a bow tie, I'm sure any guy would smile. This card is fully customizable...just visit my Etsy Shop!

The ringbearer's tin invitation is a splitting image to the Groomsmen card and comes with fun glitter and confetti for the little tot!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Bee Shower for a Mom-2-Bee!

Shelana via Etsy had gotten in touch with me because she was interested in my "BEE InVitation". Well, on Etsy this InVitation looks totally different then what's below because its shown as a wedding invitation, but Shelana needed it for a baby shower...and the transformation begins!

This is a 5x7 invitation that's nestled into a black metallic carry on the Mom-2-bee theme the invitations were embellished with satin polka-dot pencil ribbon and a sterling bee charm. Matching Thank You cards were also in order.

Thank you Shelana!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flowergirl Tin turned to Welcoming Baby!

I was contacted by Beatriz through my Etsy shop. Beatriz was so excited about my flowergirl tin invitation so much for her flowergirl she just had to have it for her...but here's the kicker! The baby isn't here yet! That's right.

Babygirl Levis' is not due for 1 1/2 more months, so to make the invite even more special Beatriz will be presenting this cute invitation to her good friend at the baby shower! How sweet is that? Beatriz plans to marry in 2011 so the baby will be old enough then.

As a mom of a precious daughter myself, if I were to have been presented with this at my baby shower I would have felt so honored. Thank you Beatriz.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Debra's Personalized M&M Favors

A dear friend of mine Debra, recently got married (late blog post) and asked me to do her favors. A while ago I blogged about M&M's that can now incorporate photo's on their bite sized candies.

Debra's colors were purple, silver and white. I purchased some clear boxes, white shredded paper and 2 teaspoons of M&M's were placed in each! Added a silver metallic bow and a monogrammed tag, from sticker paper! They were sweet!

Congratulations to Debra and Charles 8.14.09