Sunday, February 1, 2009

A good saving tip!

Ok, so when I was planning my wedding the one thing which you would probably think is important wasn't quite so to me. The wedding toasting flutes!!!!! I remember going into Macy's and falling in love with these wine glasses that have swavorski crystal stems and were priced way over $100...Yikes right? We'll I didn't get them and just comprimised on making my own wine glasses with a similar taste. I ordered a pair of toasting flutes from which came with our names and wedding date etched on them for around $9.99 and glued swavorski stones all over for the glasses which I thought looked great and was wayyyyyy less then those Macy flutes.

I just experimented again on another bride's toasting flutes whom didn't want to spend anything on them and came up with this great idea....RUB ON'S!!!!! Yes, she is a damask bride and I found some damask rub on's. She is using a pair of her own flutes and the rub on's just cost $1.99! Check em' out. (You can find rub on's at at Walmart, Target and all craft stores).

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