Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flowergirls as Fairies and Butterflies? Why not!

If there isn't anything more cuter than dressing my Journey up with ribbons and all things girly, seeing precious looking flowergirls are just so dreamy to me. We'll my fellow estians cover little girl dresses that you would not see at your normal wedding, but if your a non-traditional bride then you may like my favorite little girl dresses that I know I would have definately had my flowergirl wear on my wedding day...Check em' out!

DanburyLane $12.95 SweetPlume $89.00

Hannahs Tutu's $60 mom2twogals $43.50

1 comment:

Piggy said...

Journey is a beautiful name! Dressing up little girls are so fun :) It is definitely more fun than managing little boys :)