Monday, June 1, 2009

~Vintage Wedding JUNEDAYS!~

Okay, since June is the month of Weddings...I decided to dedicate this month's postings to all things that are Vintage that would be lovely to incorporate in your special day. First stop....Vintage inspired wedding rings and bands. I am a real fan of vintage wedding ring sets, as for myself own one in white and rose gold.

This first ring is a 1/4ct round diamond milgrain band and is definately to die for by Helzberg Diamonds price at $599.99

This second choice is a Art Deco diamond set filigree wedding band in 14k white gold. You can find this ring located at The Antique Jewerly Mall for $195. Such a sweet ring for a sweet price!

Lastly, the Mother's of them all and definately two rings on my top 5 list if price weren't an option (at least for the first ring) is this gorgeous 2.53ct Princess Vintage engagement ring priced for a whopping $12,999 or your best offer on Ebay from WonderJewelers. Just ExQuisite!!! And, a circa 1950's white gold Vintage Estate Marquise diamond ring priced $2,495 also on Ebay by Wonder Jewelers....this one is really unique.

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