Saturday, December 27, 2008


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So I'm a newly wed! I had gotten married this past April, April 26, 2008 to be exact and had a marvelous "Destination Wedding" on the island of Grand Bahama at an Exclusive resort named "Old Bahama Bay"! Even though I had a wedding planner who assisted me, I was actually my own wedding planner, she just sat back and watched the show!!! But no really...According to her, she never seen a bride as relaxed as I were. I dotted my (i's) and crossed all my (t's) because this special event was expected to do nothing but run smoothly and that's exactly what it did.

The whole vision was mine, but why NOT! That's what I do. Above are just three of my favorite out of hundreds of wedding yum! A photo of one of ExQuisite InVitation's own created menu cards and my beau and I having a moment in the sand. My InVitation, consisted of painted watercolor Hibiscus which were hand painted by Michelle Mospens of, whom is extraordinary... Enjoy!

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